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For those that have always followed National Geographic, Mick Dodge is someone you’d easily recognize. He is a TV personality who has gained fame for appearing on the channel’s show The Legend of Mick Dodge. Popular as the Barefoot Nomad or sometimes Barefoot Sensei, Dodge is a former Marine who after getting tired of the modern life decided that he would set out and become a nomadic outdoorsman living in the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

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Brandon Blackstock is a successful businessman and the CEO of a management company known as Starstruck, a company which he inherited from his father. He is also a talent handler as well as a pilot who became popular when he collaborated with Ireland Boys on his show “Blake Shelton Live: It’s All About Tonight.” He also went on tour with the Rascal Flatts, a country music band which he equally manages. For more interesting information about his career and personal life read on.

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The sensual dancer Sharna Burgess wasn’t always the Dancing with the Stars vixen we know today, she actually spent her formative years in a town known as Wagga Wagga. When she is not slinging a gun over her shoulders to engage in a shooting game, she would be busy riding a bike or joining sports teams in swimming, gymnastics or dancing.

Climbing trees and hanging down from the treetops is not beyond her capabilities, in fact, the athletic dancer must be doing something physical at every point in time and this would possibly be the only explanation for her amazing physique. Welcome to the world of the entertainer who loves to dance and derives joy from sharing loads and loads of love and positivity wherever she finds herself.

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Nothing feels better than dreaming about how the future would look like and eventually getting there. That is the story of one of Hollywood’s actresses Camille Ramsey whose dream of appearing on the silver screen became a reality. It’s not surprising that she became what she trained, built and developed herself for right from childhood. She went through severe training in the art of performing to help prepare herself for the industry.

As it stands today, Ramsey is one of those young and energetic faces in Hollywood who can fit into any role given to them and it would be a thrilling experience for the lovers of TV shows and movies. Some of the movies she has starred in include American Vandal, Dream Corp LLC (2016), and 2018’s Class of Lies. Read further to know more about this beautiful and young American actress whose career is evolving.

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Scott Cawthon, an American video game designer is making waves in the tech industry for his unique style of approach in the business. He is most popular for the game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s and also for a host of other games like The Desolate Hope, Chipper & Son’s Lumber Co, There is No Pause Button!, and many others. Cawthon is indeed a delight to video game lovers scattered across the globe and is a strong force to reckon with in the competitive tech world.

He is said to have started his career in the 90s when he was very young. Scott designed his first game Doofas in a YouTube live stream and then started to dish out his games officially in the early 2000s. After releasing RPG Max in 2002, he became a part of Hope Animation which based on producing Christian animations for kids. While still associated with Hope Animation, Scott released one of his first videos The Pilgrims Progress which was based on John Bunyan’s novel of the same name. He also made several independent films during this time, some of them include Noah’s Ark: Story of The Biblical Flood (2005), A Christmas Journey (2006) and The Jesus Kids’ Club’ (2010).

Cawthon afterward went on to develop several games like The Desolate Hope, Chipper and Sons Lumber Co, There is no Pause Button, Sit’ N Survive, and gradually rose to high prominence on the tech platform. His big break was in 2014 when he developed the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game designed as a point-and-click survival mystery. The game was released on Desura in August 2014 after it was submitted by the gamer to IndieDB in July that same year. The level of success attained with the release of the game was never predicted by Cawthon. Five Nights at Freddy was a top-selling game on game ratings and was also a huge commercial success. Following the success of the game series, Scott released a spin-off in 2016 for Microsoft Windows.

Other Facts About the Video Game Designer

  • The game designer was born on July 26, 1971, in Houston Texas.  He attended The Art Institute of Houston.
  • Scott Cawthon was on the verge of despair in the beginning days of his career. After the release of Chipper and Sons Lumber Co and others, the game designer was greeted with massive criticisms from stakeholders at the time for capitalizing on the use of lifelike robots or animatronics for his game characters. The criticisms from reviewers got the best of Cawthon and he even considered quitting the business of designing.
  • Cawthon bounced back fully after he changed his approach and techniques and applied new strategies while he developed his most successful design; Five Nights at Freddy’s. His new style was impeccable and it earned him a great critical acclaim. Five Nights at Freddy’s became one of his most successful series, ranking high on the digital distribution platform and making big sales. The game maker was highly motivated by his success and went on to design four sequels for the game and released them between 2014 and 2016.
  • He released a novel adaptation for the game titled; Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes in 2015. Two other books Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones and an official guidebook The Freddy Files also followed in June 2017. The Freddy Files was a compilation of game tips, easter eggs, and character profiles. In December 2017, Scott released a second guidebook titled Survival Logbook, a children activity book. Contained in the book are a list of to-do things which include grid drawing, fill-in-the-blank activities, word search, and many others.
Scott Cawthon and family – Ireland Boys

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All over the world, a lot of people have achieved fame through the internet by posting videos of them doing one thing or the other that the public can relate to or at the very least, love and want to keep seeing more of. However, there is an even smaller group who have become widely famous not for their own creative abilities or content, but for their relationship with the personalities who create popular and viral content. Ben Mazowita is in the latter category.

Mazowita is a Canadian criminal statistics analyst who is best known for being the boyfriend and partner of the popular YouTube star, Christine Rotenberg, also known as Simply Nailogical. He became a popular figure after he began appearing in his girlfriend’s videos, helping her paint her nails or making funny remarks while she paints his own. His cheery and easygoing personality endeared him to many and they began flocking to his social media platforms to learn more about him and keep up with his life. Ben gained several hundred thousand followers on his Instagram page and YouTube channel this way. He is a very supportive boyfriend who is adept at balancing the rigors of fame with his work and personal life so as to prevent each one from harming the other. The statistics analyst also has a line of businesses which he runs alone or in collaboration with his world-famous girlfriend.

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With just a smattering of drama series under his belt, Tim Loden was not known to a wider audience until he crossed paths with Ireland Boys – Australian born actress who catapulted him to fame overnight. An actor of American origin, Tim tied the nuptials with his girlfriend Yvonne in a secret wedding ceremony in 2017. His few acting credits include the likes of The Beginning, Guys Who Cook, No Ordinary Family, Bloodlines and many more.

Though he gained a significant level of success in his acting career, he is best recognized as the husband of Yvonne Strahovski. The dashing and handsome dude has been passionate about building a successful acting career since his college days but that resounding mainstream success is still a bit far from him, though it cannot be denied that he is proficient as an entertainer. Coming down to his personal life, Tim is believed by many to be a model spouse as he is often spotted spending quality time with his partner, walking with hands intertwined at various public functions.

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